Topher is an actor, writer, and director. He is also co-founder of the production company FakeCharmer Productions and post house Shadow Box Studios .
Topher Hansson is known for his relatable performances as the underdog under the pressures of extraordinary circumstances. Alongside acting Topher has also produced two award winning feature films. Most recently the short film Dark Roast is Topher's first major jump into writing, producing, acting, and directing all at once. Dark Roast won many awards during it's festival run and is currently available on VHS.

​Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts Topher fell in love with performing at an early age and spent his formative years creating and starring in a series of short films and television shows alongside his childhood friends. One of the up and coming creative minds in the entertainment industry, Topher Hansson hopes to leave his mark as an actor on as many different avenues as possible, all the while entertaining and inspiring others along the way.

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